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Taprobain components is an ISO 9001:2008 certified global stocking distributor of electronic components and a manufacturer of custom cable harnesses. Our corporate office is located in Orange County California where we began our operations by providing semiconductors, passives, interconnect and electro-mechanical components to local OEM and CEM customers.

Our customers range from small assembly houses to large OEM's and CEM's in the military, medical, automotive, and commercial industries.

We provide every service from the inception of the requirement to on time delivery of orders. We supply components for shortages, component obsolescence, VMI, and turnkey solutions. We also offer components screening,testing, programming, packing and JIT services. Additionally, we manufacture and supply custom cable harnesses to OEM's and CEM's located throughout the United States.

We use our proprietary software to connect with our qualified vendors throughout the world to source components 24 hours a day. Our supply chain begins from all corners of the world and comes together at our corporate facility in California.

Our team of professionals works hard to provide our customers with quality products that exceed customer expectations every time.

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P/n - 5179031-4 QTY - 10K IN STOCK
P/n - 5179031-4 QTY - 10K IN STOCK
P/N - 193842-1 QTY - 5K in Stock



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